The end of Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019 has come to an end. It has been a wonderful time, six weeks of intensive work and fun, emotions and adventures, but now it is time to close this book one more time to open it again next year.

Every year it is the same sensation, sweet but bitter. The deep breath as a sign of tiredness gets together with the sadness of the last “goodbye”. A tight hug to wish our “summer campers” a great academic year hoping to see them in only twelve months.

This sixth week was full of activities as usual. We have raced in the pool, played football and basketball, done a lot of arts and crafts like “slime” or binoculars to explore new things beyond our eyes.

Friday was a bit different too. We were all so melancholic that we decided to get together in the classes and create posters where we could express our feelings, our favorite things of the Summer Camp or even things we would miss. We had all kind of ideas, portraits of our teachers, for example, or kids playing. These “summer campers'” imagination has no limits.

When everything finishes, we always put all the material in boxes to storage, and with it a little bit of our hearts until the following year. In each box we keep memories, adventures, laughs and feelings. The closure of a chapter that, as a tradition, ends with a great meal with all the team. So we did this year.

So, dear “summer campers”, we are ready to say goodbye until summer 2020, when we will be back charged with energy and new ideas. We will miss one and each of you. Remember if you get sad, you can always see al the photos all over again CLICKING HERE.

We are getting ready for the academic year that it’s about to start. Don’t miss any of our posts. Happy summer, and happy counting down to Summer Camp 2020.