Filming Day in Instituto Internacional de Idiomas

For 3 whole days our language school was filmed by a professional filming crew. 3 days of hard and intensive work- a great challenge for our school and an exciting and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. We would like to thank all the students who participated in the filming for their comments about their learning experience at the I.I.I, and appreciate their sense of humour and patience for being subject to the rigors of a filming session.

Also a word of gratitude to our members of staff for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.  Thank you so much.

And last but not least thanks to ‘Crisal Films’ for their hard work in capturing the best moments during their long and never-ending filming sessions. As they say, “the best is yet to come” when everything is edited and the recordings are released. Thank you once again.

So watch out for the new videos of the school which will be out shortly. We have all contributed in our own special way.



De tapeo pre-rodaje

Escuela de idiomas para niños en Marbella

spot video iiischools rodaje atardecer marbella


recording an english lesson in iiischools marbella

our students in iiischools marbella


preparando el rodaje iiischools

despues de la grabación iiischools marbella

the end iiischools marbella