Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas

Christmas holidays are finally here! It is a deserved time off after all that hard working. Coming back to school after Summer, starting with the routine again, homework and exams. All that effort deserves a bit of relax. 

The week before the break, our academies were covered with beautiful Christmas decoration. Teachers and secretaries always participate, getting dressed with great costumes or little details. A lot of children also come in red or wearing big beards. They are so creative!

Little ones are without any doubt the protagonists of this season, and it couldn’t be different in our schools. Therefore, a lot of teachers prepare some crafts, songs, or other kind of Christmas activities for their students because it is a very special time for everybody!

At the San Pedro school we hosted a very special guest. An old friend came to visit our kids. Santa Claus couldn’t miss the beautiful Christmas workshop some teachers and management organized. This is becoming a usual event and each year is more popular among kids and parents. Most importantly, nobody wants to miss the opportunity of having some talks with Santa. We would like to thank everybody to participate in these events the school set up out of the lessons.

Another big event was the first secret santa San Pedro’s team arranged. They all participated in this new initiative that was an absolute success! We always support these kind of team building ideas. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like opening presents? Congratulations! 

To close this 2018 with a new Year’s resolution, which is practicing our English even during Christmas break, the English department has created a list of useful websites you can use. CLICK HERE to enjoy them.

It’s is time to say goodbye to 2018. III wishes you a wonderful Christmas full of great and sweet moments.