How to perform well in a speaking exam

Usually when we decide to certificate any language level, we have to face a speaking test. For some people, this is seen as an uncomfortable situation. In fact, a lot of candidates enter into the exam room feeling extremely nervous and afraid of going blank. This is why we are giving you some tips to achieve greater results.

1. Do not overthink.

In fact, the less you think the more you can actually produce. It may certainly sound odd, but it makes sense in some ways. Firstly, our poor brain has to work a lot. Secondly, getting out of your comfort zone and expressing your thoughts in another language is not a piece of cake. Formulating ideas in our mother tongue and then switching languages sounds quite tricky. So don’t be afraid and trust your mind, let the words in your mind flow.

2. Be a good actor.

Yes, you are reading it correctly. It seems difficult, but you have to go into that room feeling happy. Be ready to have the best 15 minutes of your life! Show interest for your partner’s speech, nodding is a good way or even with simple words like “sure” or “ohh yes”. Interaction is really important in a speaking exam. Don’t be a robot and try to enjoy the moment.

3. Always remember to ask questions.

Picture the following situation- two strangers sitting next to each other is rather an uncommon situation. Your partner is probably more nervous than you are, and imagine they are struggling to come up with anything longer that short phrases. Therefore, formulate questions; give them the chance to shine too. You have to try to build up a natural conversation. Rather than being in silence, agree and disagree with their ideas.

4. Avoid repetition.

The examiners have been listening to the same melody the whole morning. Another good tip is to be original. Ask your teacher for advice and prepare some unusual but assertive statements to use. You will see how, whoever is listening, it will raise their head from the paper to look pleasantly surprised.

5. Wear your best smile.

Finally it is evident that the first visible sign when feeling nervous can be seen clearly on our faces. So we need to smile. A positive attitude goes a long way. More noteworthy is that talking to a friendly face is always more pleasant.