Instituto Internacional de Idiomas dedicated to the tuition of languages undertakes the commitment to adhere to the terms/norms of the Integrated Quality Control and Management Policy ISO 9001:2015.

This commitment is known, understood and shared by all the people that make up the I.I.I team and is reflected in all aspects of its management.

Our strategic quality targets include:

  • The establishment and reinforcement of a culture of quality throughout the organization.
  • Compliance with all legal and applicable requirements
  • The satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and staff by offering a personalized service, following a policy of loyalty to suppliers and adopting a modern approach in the management and motivation of our human resource team.
  • To provide value added elements to all our procedures through satisfaction and loyalty marketing schemes, and the establishment of lasting ties with our customers, suppliers and staff.
  • Continually improving all our management and customer service processes through survey results analysis, feedback, experience and the observation of other excellent companies’ management styles.
  • Personnel professional development to ensure the service we offer is of maximum quality all-round, and not just technically.
  • Flexibility, speed and availability in our management development to offer a personalized and quality service.
  • Differentiation through our services, products and performance to achieve a niche in the market and with firm prospects for the future.
  • A policy of alliance with other public and private companies and organizations to learn, improve and create a greater mutual benefit.
  • In all our purchases and actions we consider the prevention and reduction of environmental impact in favour of a sustainable development.


This quality policy is released and available to all parties concerned.


Julio Morales Jiménez


January 2022