Sudafrica World Champions

España Campeones del Mundo Sudafrica 2010

The World Cup in South Africa has been a sociological phenomenon of great importance in Spain. Never before, since the arrival of democracy, had so many flags been seen on the streets, balconies, windows and cars in every corner of Spain. What is the reason?

Simply because ultraconservative if not fascists groups had converted the Spanish flag into their national symbol. People in general were reluctant to use the flag as they did not want to be associated with these fanatic groups.

The world cup has brought out the deep felt and collective feeling of the Spanish national identity with the flag. We should be grateful to a group of down-to- earth players kicking a wretched football and winning the World Cup.

The World Cup has cleansed the image of our flag and from now on it will belong to all Spaniards, and not just a few.