Talking to one of our team

If you have been following the posts on our blog, then you will be familiar with our interviews with members of our team; in this way you have the opportunity to know us better. This week we talk to Wendy Bate Head of the English Department and teacher in San Pedro.

Wendy has been working with us for many years. Involved in a lot of projects, she is an essential part of the III team. We have asked her a few questions about her work at the academy.

  1. Describe a typical day at work for you? My typical day at work involves teaching a variety of levels, ages and lesson types. From elementary to advanced, exam preparation, general English and company lessons. I also do a lot of level testing and I make sure the students are at the right level. I really enjoy what I do because I meet so many different types of people and I also get to help my colleagues.
  1. How did you start in the company? I had trained to be an English teacher in Madrid and had been working there for three years, but I decided to move to the Costa del Sol. So I did some research online and I was really impressed by III. What really stood out was that a lot of the teachers seemed to have a lot of experience in the company and seemed really happy.

  1. What is the most difficult part of the job? I suppose that the biggest challenge is Cambridge exam preparation. It’s really important for us that the students pass the exams and I make sure they work really hard to achieve that.
  1. Describe the school in a few words: It’s a family run school in which we feel like a part of that family too. We have colleagues from all over the world and we all work as a team.

We thank Wendy for this interview and also for being so special.