Halloween celebration

Halloween has become a established tradition celebrated on 31st October. Every year more and more students come dressed up in amazingly creative costumes and at III we make sure they have fun when they come to class.

The classrooms and corridors of our academies are transformed into darker places, where vampires, witches, scary clowns and zombies are welcome. Children’s imagination has no limit and each year the parade of monsters and horrifying creatures is more impressive. In fact, even our teachers and secretaries take the chance and come to work dressed up for the occasion. It is truly a special day for everyone.

Depending on the age of our students, we adapt different exercises and games related with Halloween. As well as games, horror stories and quizzes, crafts are carried out by the little ones. Our adults also have fun on the day, but the real protagonists are our young students. They know if they come to class wearing a
Halloween costume they will receive candies, and that their teacher will probably welcome them with a scary make-up and that they will have a great time in class.

In addition, this is another year for our Halloween contest. Thanks to the collaboration of the local stationary shops, Tutuli in Marbella and Delta in San Pedro, the winner has received a gift voucher of €50. The lucky ones were really happy with their prize and didn’t wait long to spend it.

At the end of the day, with all the make-up and the colourful costumes, not to mention the bucket-full of candies collected at Trick or Treat visits, we can say that it has been really worth it and we know that in 365 days’ time we will be celebrating Halloween again the best way we know, with a big smile.

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