7 tips to learn a language

It is true that for many people setting new goals is something easy, almost natural. But for others it involves more dedication. We all have a natural talent. Some have greater artistic or mathematical abilities, whilst others are good at working with people or learning a language. Well it is here, in this field, where we can provide seven tips to make anybody unstoppable at languages.

Why seven? Well, seven is a magical number, and it symbolizes intellectual perfection. It is so, that in many disciplines, as well as ours, it is a very important number.

Let’s start:

  1. Change your mindset: Stop thinking that you ‘can’t’. We all can. The only difference is that each one of us needs a different amount of time, a different learning rhythm, and we must understand and respect that. So, enjoy your journey through the pleasure of learning, forgetting about the destination, and try to make a new experience out of every single step.
  2. Listen: We have said, several times, how important music is, and we just never get tired of repeating that. Don’t be shy and sing! Imitating different pronunciations is an excellent exercise.

3. Watch: We all love to keep warm under a blanket while waiting for a pizza delivery. Couldn’t we watch our favorite films or TV shows in the language we are studying meanwhile? Sure we can! And get some help from the subtitles (preferably in English).

4.Write: Find someone to exchange letters or emails with. Maybe someone with the same goal as you, who is learning your native tongue. Internet offers a lot of websites that you could use.

5. Speak: There are a number of bars and cafés doing language exchange and we are sure there is one in your city too. Find one and go there! It will be the perfect occasion to meet new people and make new friends.

6Read: start reading a book which is your level. Reading keeps our minds active, especially in another language. It is also an exercise that enriches our vocabulary.

7. Travel: Travelling is so uplifting in so many ways that it is also good for your learning. Our survival instinct will bring out an unknown side of us. You will feel brave enough to try your best at speaking the local language.


The last hurdle is yourself. You just need to understand that there is something inside you ready to achieve absolutely everything.