Lucky charms for your exams

III schools works in close collaboration with important organizations such as Exams Andalucía, Cambridge University or Cervantes Institute to help students obtain a certification in their desired language. In an earlier post we provided a description of stereotype students; however this week we analyse various objects that students bring into the examination room, and which are used as lucky charms on the big day.

A classic example of a lucky charm among adult students here in Spain is undoubtedly the picture of a holy saint or virgin tucked away in their wallets, and which apparently brings them an invisible source of inspiration before the start of their exam. They once again get to experience the uncontrollable nerves before an exam- one more glance at the picture of the holy figure and they are already feeling much calmer. This sort of behaviour can change depending on the importance of the exam. A more modern lucky charm can be a photo of a family member, a loving partner or even a pet. It seems easy to understand that keeping a picture of someone they love helps to dissipate their nerves.

The most unusual objects students bring to the examination room range from tiny figures of saints to differently shaped and colourful soft toys. The twirl of a pen around the hand or the spinning of a ring is yet another common ritual. The protection or the boost of confidence a candidate is seeking can basically exist behind any of these objects. More discreet students, on the other hand, barely exhibit the bracelet or necklace they are wearing- they simply hold it in the hope that in their exam they come across what they have studied. There is also the early morning coffee, or tying shoelaces the same way or the use of the same old pen that has brought the user luck time and time again.

Above all, the best approach is to believe in yourselves as you are the most valuable lucky charm you’ll ever find.