A quick look into the future

It is very common to think about the future and we sometimes ask to ourselves what it will like. If technology will be different, or perhaps transport will change, or even if communication will be even easier.

Our little students will tell us what they think about their lives in a few years. A beautiful project done in class, thanks to the grammar point studied, WILL and WON’T used to express uncertain future.

 Irene is telling us that we will travel to the moon in beautiful spaceships, to have dinner. We won’t use normal cars anymore and we will also stop going to school because there will be classes available on the Internet. 

Daniel thinks we will be able to travel to the future pretty soon, thanks to special cars. We will continue eating the same food and playing the same games, but sport balls will be much smaller.

Sergio looked at the scientific side of the study. He believes we will travel to the center of the Earth with special machines. The journey won’t be difficult but quite long. That doesn’t surprise us! Luckily, we will eat the same food.

From Laura’s point of view, we will live in the clouds! Our houses as well as our electrical appliances will be different because apparently, we won’t do the washing anymore! Special machines will change our clothes directly! 

Lucía wants to change the school system; for her, there won’t be normal chairs or books. Everything seems to be floating in this classroom! We will try food from the Moon, what will it be?

Hugo will introduce us to new friends, as he thinks robots will be everywhere in the future. They will speak several languages, help us with our homework and apparently it won’t be very difficult to feed them because they won’t eat normal food.

We can see how easy it is for them to imagine our future. Thanks to these little students for their marvellous projects.