2018 Summer Camp -second week’s review

Time seems to fly as we end the second week at the I.I.I Schools 2018 Summer Camp. Here we provide an account of the most enjoyable events during the past 7 days.

All the activities offered at the Summer Camp are proving to be both enjoyable and original. Inspired by the World Cup and Wimbledon, our Spanish teacher Oscar has come up with a new sport activity which combines both tennis and football, and it is currently proving to be a huge success and we are sure that  it will remain so for the rest of the Summer Camp.

This week the younger participants have been on a treasure hunt, in search of a number of objects placed strategically around the school premises. Plenty of laughter and excitement is guaranteed whilst hiding these objects for the opponents to find.

Arts & crafts activities are still among the Summer Camp’s favourites. There is no limit to students’ imagination as this week mandala drawings on jars have proved to be extremely popular. The under 8s have used stone tips to write their names in different colours.

Group activities are always important to get students collaborate as a team and thus build up their team building skills. This week the Chameleon team have been discovering more about the solar system and the world of science and have done a project on the topic.

The water games this week have been more enjoyable with huge hoses and water pistols being used by everyone; either in a swim-suit or in plain clothes, everyone ends up getting soaking wet, adding to the fun and excitement.

This week’s excursion was to the Amazonia Adventure Park with children trying out their adventurous skills on the ziplines and climbing walls, which are suitable for all age groups. All the ones who signed up for this event were extremely brave and courageous. 

All the children at the Summer Camp have adapted perfectly to the new facilities, activities and above all established a great bond with the members of staff, who in turn are delighted to see signs of affection from them as they enjoy their wonderful experience with us.

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