2018 Summer Camp first week’s review

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Summer Camp has got off to a great start. This year our Summer Camp venue is at the San Jose School in Guadalmina, and the facilities are just perfect. We have everything to make the students’ experience as enjoyable as possible; a football pitch, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, and not to mention the well-equipped classrooms which makes learning both comfortable and enjoybable. Both the children and members of staff are extremely delighted.

This week we have carried out a new series of activities that have awakened the participants’ enthusiasm and joy.

Football is the number one sport and, with the World Cup coming to an end, it has aroused passion among both those who play regularly and even the ones who cheered on from the stands. We have even adapted the sport so that even the little ones can play as well.

Tennis is a novelty this year and is proving to be really popular. Aaron, our English teacher has also introduced the game of cricket and participation is proving to be quite high for this sport.

Besides sports we have also done a great number of different team activities such as the sack race and water balloon games, which everyone wants to participate in; noone ever gets away without getting totally wet, even the teachers.



Last but not least, everyone’s favourite is still art & crafts. This week we have introduced workshops using clay and Plastecine. There is no doubt that children love getting their hands dirty, but it’s fun and some are really creative.

We round off the day’s activities with a refreshing dip in the pool before heading back home after an enjoyable time at the I.I.I Summer Camp.

The first week’s activities come to an end every Friday with the traditional farewell party held before the kids go home. We do paintings and play games to the rhythm of music in the playground.

During Saturday’s excursion we visited Crocodile Park and the Aviation Musuem, where the kids discovered what a cockpit looks like from the inside and how powerful a crocodile’s jaws are when being fed.

No words could describe what we feel when we see children from different cultural backgrounds share these incredible experiences together and become friends and thus create a magical bond which is perhaps the true essence of the Summer Camp and is something which truely cannot be missed. 

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