Summer Camp is finally here!

We have landed, and with us all the material needed to make this project just as great as every year. We don’t have to wait any more to jump in the pool together, to have a super fun water balloon fight or to get our hands dirty with some paint. Summer Camp is finally here!

Last Friday, 28th of June, we welcomed parents and students to our annual meeting held in our academy in San Pedro. We always organize it because it is important to inform everyone about Summer Camp and answer any question. We go over the different bus stops, where our vans collect the kids in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon, we explain some activities we carry out and we also give information about our excursions, which have changed this year. There are a lot of new things.

Even though this is not our first year, we can’t dissimulate the fact that we are nervous every time we begin Summer Camp. Warm hugs to familiar faces, we left kids and teens have come back. For some of them it is the first summer with us, and behind that shyness they smile with their eyes.

We also carry out a level test placement, so we can provide student with classes they really need. Material was given out, t-shirt, cap and a small backpack. There is no detail missing!

The whole team was there to be met and to help out with everything. Thanks to everybody to throw yourself into this magical project. And also a big thanks to the parents to come and attend the meeting.

You still have time to sign up for it, so don’t hesitate to call 952908558 or email us at

Keep reading us, we will keep you posted with all the activities. And you can see our photos and videos on FLICKR.

There is no more time left to wait, so pack your suncream because we are ready to start!

Happy Summer and happy III Summer Camp.