First week at the iii Summer Camp

The first week of the Summer Camp is over. It has been a real pleasure to meet students who attended last year’s event once again and of course to get to know new adventurous participants.

It was the initial contact with  the summer of 2019 , and everything is simply looking great. As usual we have had a great variety of activities especially designed for each age group of our ‘summer campers’. If you’re regular followers of the weekly posts on the school’s blog , you would already know that all the participants are divided into 4 different groups depending on their age:

Bees are the youngest- their contact with sports is lighter but arts and crafts are a big hit among them; Chameleons are not so young any more- tennis is their favourite and they also enjoy getting their hands covered with paint and glitter;

Lions are next – like real warriors they love running, and doing team sports and they are also in charge of carrying the sports equipment;

Finally Eagles are our teens- they also like sports as well as arts and crafts, but what they really enjoy is socializing and making new friends.

So this past week we have combined a number of activities to have a big opening for the 2019 Summer Camp.

The first week was rounded off with an excursion. The great bond among the kids, meant that this trip was a great success. We went to Aqua Park in Mijas- a very nice water park, probably the best on the Costa del Sol, and which offers a variety of water slides and attractions. It was the perfect way to finish the first week of the Summer Camp.

You still have time to join us and be part of our big summer family. To sign up call us at 952908558 or send an email to:

You can check out all the pictures HERE – keep reading us and do share our posts.