First and second weeks: Summer Camp 2015

We are ready to start our Summer Camp 2015 placed in Hotel Atalaya with two hours of classes in the morning, either Spanish or English, from 10:00 to 12:00 every day, with film time from 14:00 to 15:00 y swimming pool at 16:30.

On Monday there was a little mini-golf competition. We had a very good time in the mini-park, playing football and playing in the pool.

On Tuesday at 12:00 we had our first Arts & Crafts class, and at 15:00 there was a little music workshop. Our kids made lovely maracas that they used with the teacher while she was playing the ukulele.

We had cricket with teenagers and it was fantastic!

Wednesday was a team games day. Water games with water balloons were a lot of fun not only for the kids! After that pool.

On Thursday we had music workshop again to practice the song we were learning. Also basketball, water-polo and much more!

Friday was a very special day not only because of the activities but also because of the end of the week party. It’s a very special moment when the little kids play the song they have been learning during the week or a little performance of a dance rutine.


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