Third excursión: Selwo Marina

We went up to see the views with the cable car in Benalmádena. After that we went to Selwo Marina, a zoo with water animals like dolphins or seals.

The first thing we saw was a little show with parrots and other birds from South America. Then we went to see the dolphin show in a very big pool where some instructors taught us some things about dolphins. The dolphins also showed us how good they are at jumping! And one of our little kids participated in the show explaining us how to react if we see a dolphin lost in the shore!

We also visited the ice land in the zoo, the first Penguinarium in Andalucia. This area is a copy of the penguins’ natural habitat. It has a big pool surrounded by natural snow. All this can be seen from big window.

Monitors and zookeepers explained us how they feed the penguins and all their characteristics.

The Amazonia area was full of reptiles and fish tanks with piranhas and other fish.

More info: 952 90 85 58

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