This 2020 keep your New Year’s Resolutions!


Christmas is here and like every year, it’s time to take stock to reflect on which resolutions we can cross off our list. Have you been good or have you left them for the following year? They often get left behind during the year don’t they?

There isn’t long to go until New Year, and this time we must keep the resolutions we make. Get thinking about what you want to do or achieve in 2020. For sure you are thinking about eating more healthily, doing more exercise, saving more money, giving up smoking, taking up a new hobby, adopting a pet, spending more time with your family, traveling, recycling more…and studying a language!


This year we’re going to help you reach your goal! How? By providing some guidelines so that you don’t fail again. The first thing we recommend is that you set yourselves ambitious but achievable goals. The truth is that the majority of us tend to abandon the resolutions we make because they are usually huge and rather unrealistic which most of the time ultimately ends up in failure. The second reason is because we set so many goals at the same time that in the end we end up snowed under and unable to keep up and once again we give up. Remember that less is more; choose only three, the most relevant and necessary ones in your life. A good selection is a must!

We will focus on languages, which is our passion. Many people aim to study a language, either due to just for fun. What language do you have in mind to either learn or improve? At III Language Schools we teach English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Italian or Arabic. Consider the following: if you want to learn English and German, first start with one, not both at once, because that will make the situation complicated and exhausting, and you will most likely abandon at the beginning of the road. Choose which language you need to study first and go for it, then sign up for the next one.

These two tips are essential so that you don’t make the same mistake as always, so by following these pieces of advice you will see that in 2020 it will be easier to reach your goals. Before starting, take some time to organize your ideas, see what you need to prioritize and what will need to wait. Find the time in your schedule to reflect on each idea and that way you will be sure what to do.

fotografiaAnd what about doing a hobby? One of the most popular activities is photography, there are a lot of photography fans who would love to be able to take professional photos, with a reflex camera. Here at III Language Schools we encourage you to make this wish come true this year.

Now it is easier than ever to make your dreams become a reality, make the most of our gift cards and put a start date for your new year’s resolution. Find out more in any of our schools in Marbella, San Pedro or Nueva Andalucia.