3,2,1… we are back!

The smell of summer is still in the air but it feels rather sad to see that it is already September, which means going back to work. The days spent by the swimming pool enjoying beautiful sunsets or savouring a delicious meal will be replaced by work. Despite this nostalgic feeling, we are excited to be back and to see our colleagues and of course our students once again.

As every year, our team has recently had a welcome meeting to get to know new faces in the teaching staff and to catch up with old colleagues. We have also set goals for the new year and we know that we  need to work hard to accomplish them. Guiding and teaching our students is like an adventure which needs thorough preparation, and that is exactly what we do before the start of the new term.

As for the student, it must be great to re-encounter with class mates and start a new term. Though, going back to class can be rather boring for some, it is our job to make the lessons fun and different- and our method is characterised  exactly by that- lessons which are enjoyable and effective. Equally important is the human side of our teachers but at the end of the day, we get our reputation thanks to our students’ success.

Now back to our main topic of the day- being back at school. We offer a wide range of general English and Cambridge exams preparation courses, as well as special language support classes. We also specialize in Spanish for foreigners, along with German and French and we even offer photography classes. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about all our courses.

The new academic year 2019/2020 has already started and it will be full of surprises and news, which you can follow by reading our blog.