Our Teachers’ Day

We, at the Instituto Internacional de Idiomas, really think that taking care of our teachers is a priority. They work so hard the whole year round, so it is always great to have them together in one place on the III Teachers’ Day, and share their favourite activities with one another all in their benefit of that of our students.

The initial greetings among teachers led to the start of the meeting. A great number of teachers had prepared a talk on various teaching skills, and in doing so introduced new ideas picked up at different teaching conferences they have been attending since the start of the school year. In fact the real fun was to participate and take on the role of teacher and student, and see the best way to put these ideas into practice in the classroom.

This year we would like to thank the following teachers for their collaboration: Natalia and Michelle, who introduced an activity for young learners, explaining the importance of sharing. Robert gave us some very useful tips on how to improve our reading skills, so that our students could read faster and more efficiently. Debra left us speechless with a really engaging project she has been carrying out with her students who are exchanging emails with students from other schools around the world. Lara taught us how she encourages her students to focus on their language when they are preparing for different Cambridge examinations. And finally Manuela and Aaron’s hilarious presentation got everyone participating and enjoying their excellent activities.

The end of the meeting was also really special when we all wrote on different puzzle pieces what we think makes a great teacher, and joined them together to make a huge puzzle. In fact that was the real objective of this year’s Teachers’ Day- to feel proud of being a teacher and being able to get to share with one another what makes our lessons special and enjoyable.