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The advantages of intensive language courses


Faster learning in less time.

Our intensive language courses offer extensive preparation in a shorter period of time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your free time, holidays or a transition period between jobs.


Intensive courses provide an added extra to your CV, amongst many other advantages:

Preparation for official qualifications: Do you need a qualification to do the Masters you have always wanted to do? Or maybe it is what you need to get that promotion? Sign up to our intensive preparation courses for PET, FIRST…

Official qualifications also enable us to move more freely around the world, in order to carry out exchange programmes and also to work abroad. Having qualifications which certify your level will give an added extra to your CV.


Training: Refresh your knowledge and learn new things to improve your level of the language. With Intensive Courses you will be able to get up to date, fine-tune the knowledge you already have, meet your goals and manage the language in record time!


Faster Learning: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the main reasons for choosing intensive courses is the possibility of learning in a shorter time frame. The clock is ticking and sometimes you need to work against the clock to get a certain level.


Your organisation will improve: Intensive courses require following steps of studying and organisation. You will receive a lot of information in a short time, so it is vital that you reinforce the classes with studying at home to consolidate what you have learnt in class. A faster rhythm of classes also means a constant rhythm of studying which will enable you to follow the classes and make the most of them.

Plan ahead and be more productive during your study time!


Meet new people: Language courses also present a good opportunity to meet people with the same interests and common objectives. It’s very common for teachers who need to get a minimum level in a language for bilingual teaching to be in the same intensive group. Also people who are planning to take civil service public exams or even those in search of level improvement in a foreign language are more likely to do these course. The majority, though, are university students in need of a qualification in order to graduate.

Together you can share your interests, as well as resources and extra material, and if you want you could even carry on practicing after class!




Intensive language courses in Marbella, San Pedro and Nueva Andalucia.

The road to learning can feel a bit like going uphill at times, but in III Language Schools you can count on a team of teachers who will help you right from the start.

Our classes have a maximum of ten students and are taught by native teachers who use practical resources and interactive digital boards.

You can do a level test to find out how far away your goal is and make a study plan. With a bit of consistency and effort you will make it!!