Fourth excursión: Selwo Aventura in Estepona

This time we took our kids to Selwo Aventura in Estepona. A very big natural reserve for animals.

The park is divided in three areas:

  • Nature’s portico
  • Bird Canyon
  • Central Village

We had the opportunity to see a lot of animals like giraffes, tigers, lions, reptiles, zebras… and we could also touch some animals!

Our kids had a great time walking on those long hanging bridges and becoming part of very exciting adventures activities.

We also have to mention the farm where the little ones had a great time playing with little pigs and donkeys. We also saw flamingos and hippos in the lake.


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Third and fourth weeks of Summer Camp 2015

This week we are having a group of students from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. They are also staying in the hotel with one of our monitors taking care of them.

Activities: baseball, miniPark, cricket, waterpolo, etc…

More info: 952 90 85 58

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Third excursión: Selwo Marina

We went up to see the views with the cable car in Benalmádena. After that we went to Selwo Marina, a zoo with water animals like dolphins or seals.

The first thing we saw was a little show with parrots and other birds from South America. Then we went to see the dolphin show in a very big pool where some instructors taught us some things about dolphins. The dolphins also showed us how good they are at jumping! And one of our little kids participated in the show explaining us how to react if we see a dolphin lost in the shore!

We also visited the ice land in the zoo, the first Penguinarium in Andalucia. This area is a copy of the penguins’ natural habitat. It has a big pool surrounded by natural snow. All this can be seen from big window.

Monitors and zookeepers explained us how they feed the penguins and all their characteristics.

The Amazonia area was full of reptiles and fish tanks with piranhas and other fish.

More info: 952 90 85 58

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First and second weeks: Summer Camp 2015

We are ready to start our Summer Camp 2015 placed in Hotel Atalaya with two hours of classes in the morning, either Spanish or English, from 10:00 to 12:00 every day, with film time from 14:00 to 15:00 y swimming pool at 16:30.

On Monday there was a little mini-golf competition. We had a very good time in the mini-park, playing football and playing in the pool.

On Tuesday at 12:00 we had our first Arts & Crafts class, and at 15:00 there was a little music workshop. Our kids made lovely maracas that they used with the teacher while she was playing the ukulele.

We had cricket with teenagers and it was fantastic!

Wednesday was a team games day. Water games with water balloons were a lot of fun not only for the kids! After that pool.

On Thursday we had music workshop again to practice the song we were learning. Also basketball, water-polo and much more!

Friday was a very special day not only because of the activities but also because of the end of the week party. It’s a very special moment when the little kids play the song they have been learning during the week or a little performance of a dance rutine.


More info: 952 90 85 58

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Second excursion: we went to Parque Acuático Mijas

On the 11th of July 2015 we went to Parque Acuático Mijas.

All the kids had a great time enjoying this big waterpark going up and down the slides! It was a very refreshing excursion, very appropriate for these summer days.

We had a very good time!


More info: 952 90 85 58



our Summer Camp went to the Aeronautical museum and to Crocodile Park as the first excursion

This weekend our Summer Camp went to the Aeronautical museum and to Crocodile Park as the first excursion.

In the museum we could see and feel the job that a pilot realize sitting in a real plane cabin.

The museum is really interactive so we could touch and try all different kinds of models and controls. These explained us how a plane can fly and how the physics works.

We took some pictures with real planes outside of the museum. Both students and monitors had a great time!

The same day we went to Crocodile Park, like we did last year. The park is located in Torremolinos, and it takes in more than 100 crocodiles all divided in different categories.

There were all kind of crocodiles and all sizes. We also could hold one baby crocodile in our hands!!
All our kids loved the excursion, and almost all of them decided to take a picture with the baby crocodile!

At the end of the excursion we went back home very tired but full of happiness and good energy.


Contact: 952 90 85 58.


You can see these photos in our gallery (Aeronautical museum):

You can see these photos in our gallery (Crocodile Park)



DELE 2015 Examinations

From 16th February 2015, you can register for the DELE examination. Instituto Internacional de Idiomas announces the centre’s participation in every DELE examination session and at the different levels that are offered.

For further information get in touch with any of our centres, or visit us in Nueva Andalucía or through our web page or on

Don’t miss your opportunity to obtain an official certificate by the Instituto Cervantes and authorized by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport.



III Autumn Camp 2014

III Autumn Camp 2014

The Moscow Economic School has chosen III – Instituto Internacional de Idiomas for its autumn holiday programme.
The programme consisted of 10-day-full board accommodation at a resort-hotel, as well as 4-hour daily Spanish lessons from Monday to Friday and 5 excursions including 2 whole day ones.

Day 1.

On 24th October the MES group, which consisted of 9 students and 2 monitors Anna and Irina, was met and welcomed at the airport.

Day 2.

On Saturday 25th, we visited Puerto Banús, a leisure harbour with luxury boutiques, great entertainment and amazing boats. Then we caught a boat which took us from Puerto Banús to Marbella. We enjoyed the incredible coastline, the views of the mountain and the mansion of the famous from the boat. Once in Marbella, we strolled through its Old Town and visited its most emblematic places. After lunch we went to ‘La Cañada`- the town’s largest shopping centre, where we did some shopping.
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Registration for the DELE examinations

Friday 17th October is the last day for registrations for the DELE examinations which will be held at the IIISCHOOLS centre in Nueva Andalucía on 22nd November.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do the last examination for 2014 at the following levels: A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2.

If you are interested, click on the following link and follow the instructions:

We would also like to thank and congratulate all the candidates who have trusted our school for their exam preparations and achieved a pass rate of 98%.

We expect to see you in November and during the examination sessions in 2015.

Remember that getting an official qualification is an investment for the future, and a valid proof of your langauge level.

Please watch the following videos on the DELE examinations.



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Sixth and final week of the Summer Camp 2014

We are in the final stretch of our Summer Camp 2014 of our school Instituto Internacional de Idiomas.

Until Wednesday we have carried on with the usual routine of activities, classes, sports and of course fun in the swimming pool. On Wednesday we organized a farewell dinner and diploma presentation for the group of students who have been in the Summer Camp for three weeks all the way from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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